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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Suzhou, China.

They call it the "Venice of China"
because of the many river channels running throughout the city.
Suzhou is in the East of China near Shanghai.
My husband was offered an internship here for the summer,
so a little over a week after our wedding
we set out on this amazing adventure.
 Pollution problems aside, we do have pretty days.
But my hair and skin is dying for moisture!
My favorite lunch.
Pick raw ingredients and they make it into soup.
SPICY soup.
Acupressure foot massages
 Bullet train to Shanghai (20 min ride)
Early morning ride
 Wildlife Preserve

 Baird's love tigers
Many men here let their left thumb and/or pinky nail
grow out, so people know they don't have low class jobs.
like farming
 Your typical Chinese gym rat.
In skirts, dresses, whatever.
Our bathroom came with a backlight..?
 Breakfast for one.
 Gym water fountain. 
Choices: boiling water or warm water
 Not like our American farmers markets.
Food on the floor.
Rank smell.
 Church is only 2 hours long during the summer.
It'll be hard to break that habit!
 This is called the pants building.
It's our direction landmark in Suzhou.
 Across the lake.
Typical with english shirts.
The bottom says
(The address only to be written on this side)
printing mistake
 Swass from a Sunday scooter ride.

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