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Thursday, August 1, 2013

One month older and wiser, too.

I've lived & learned a lot in the past month.
Getting married and moving to a foreign country,
all within a month, talk about risky. 

I have learned a lot about the people since I have been here.
I teach in an English school so I am able to associate with students of all ages for a few hours a day. 
Most of them are born and raised in, and around, Suzhou. 
Most of them have also never been outside of China, 
let alone outside their original province. 

Chinese culture is interesting fascinating. 
Here are some things that I have learned. 

Spitting, burping and farting are socially acceptable. And they happen often. 

Cold drinks are bad for you.
If you ask for water at a restaurant they bring you a glass of boiling water so hot you can barely touch the glass.  

Western medicine doesn't work. 
They believe in Chinese medicine- 
ancient practices using herbs,  tai chi, and natural remedies 

There is no such thing as too spicy. 

BYOTP. Bring your own toilet paper. 

Restaurants don't give you free napkins. Or free ketchup. Or free anything. 

Don't stab your food with chopsticks (I struggle with this one)

Pregnant women are treated like royalty- because of one child rule. 
They wear a special apron everyday to protect from lead. 
Also, they lay in bed for about 2 months after labor without showering, 
in order to keep the process more" natural". 

Chinese people think that life in America is like what they see on CSI, 
Leaving them with little desire to visit. 

No traffic rules. Park/drive wherever. 

White meat is gross. 
They cut the fat off of meat to cook and dispose of the rest. 

Many girls don't shave legs or armpits. 

No restaurant customization.
If you want your dressing on the side or no pickles, sucks for you. 

Milk- comes in a box and is kept in the pantry.

Cake- spongey, flavorless sugar.

Dessert- red beans. I'll pass. 

Cereal- practically $50.

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