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Sunday, October 19, 2014

California Kind Bed. (air mattress)

After a series of interesting circumstances, Dan and I were finally all settled in to our $800,000 condo in the heart of Newport Beach. We are thinking about becoming professional house sitters and traveling the globe. Let me know if you know anyone looking to hire. 

You would think that we would have a nice bed in such a nice home but we were bed-less. Luckily we found a really nice, double layer blow up mattress that ended up really helping Dan's back problems. Whoda thought?! 
Soon enough we both found really fun summer jobs and we spent our off-time body surfing, eating at The Crab Cooker, going on motorcycle rides, and hanging out with family. 
The entire summer was a dream.

Dan was a valet attendant at Pelican Hill Resort.
Talk about lavish.
He is convinced that he has driven every single type of car on the market.
I also worked at the Pelican Hill Resort as a pool attendant for short time before realizing that working two jobs while living in Newport for the summer is idiotic. 

 View at the pool. I mean COME ON!
My sexy outfit

I ended up doing marketing/ social media/ waitressing for a Mediterranean restaurant in 
Corona Del Mar.
The hardest part about the job was learning how to professionally open a bottle of wine. 
Now I could do it in my sleep.
Try me.
We had live music every night out on the patio.
 Fundraising Event. How cute are my grandparents?
 I took all the food pictures to update the website and create a new takeout menu.
Favorite part of the job because after I take the pictures I get to eat the food!

This July was really special to us because we were able to be sealed in the temple in San Diego. It was a day we will never forget and we felt so lucky to be surrounded by family.

Now ill let the pictures do the story telling.
Isn't it always better that way?

1 year anniversary

Best donuts in Newport
 Dan's dream diet. 4th of July dinner at the Balboa Yacht Club.
 San Diego Zoo
 Love my mom
Dolphin 20 feet away from them

 Persian "gma" tried to cook for us every night. 
She included French Fries because she thinks Americans have them with every meal.

Met baby Sawyer!!!
 Baby looks good on him.
Dan's bullet bike. Honda CBR 1000. Way too fast but so fun and perfect for beach parking.
 Mom sold our house in Plano and moved to Dallas.
These are our height measurements in the pantry from over the years.
We had lived there since 1993

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