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Saturday, October 18, 2014

My blog got me my job...?

Before last week, I had given up on blogging because...
1. life is busy
2. there are a lot of things I would choose to do before blogging
3. i don't have a large following or loyal audience (b/c life is busy.. right?)
4. basically I just got lazy

My lazy attitude quickly changed when my coworkers started talking about vast amounts of people that applied for my job and the strict, intense hiring process the office goes through before considering an applicant. I asked them what "got me the job" or made me "stand out" and I was completely shocked when they said, my blog
Yeah, I have it listed on my resume but I had no idea that they would actually take the time to look at it. Mind you, my job is in the financial industry (which I knew NOTHING about) and I am probably not as qualified, experienced, or educated as many of the other applicants. In the end, they wanted someone who could write and communicate well and professionally with our clients. My blog set me apart because it gave them a sample of my work and my writing style. 
After hearing that my blog got me the job, I would be dumb if I didn't take a little time each week to work on creating content and posting pictures. 

Financial Forum, LPL
Director of Lasting Impressions
I'm in charge of marketing, client relations, social media, event planning, website content, etc., for a financial advisement office. It is AMAZING that we never learn about finance or how to invest in school. It seems like that should be a required class, regardless of your major. 

I am learning SO SO much everyday, and I love the people that I work with.

I entered us in a contest for a free catered lunch and we won! 
Not a bad way to make a first impression :)
 Pink Day to show our support for Breast Cancer Awareness

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